Group Sessions

Share a very unique experience with your family, friends, and colleagues by hosting one of the following group experiences:

  • Past Life Regressions

​This amazing event, held at your location will include introductions, questions and answers, a group Past Life Regression, spiritual guidance connecting the past life to the present, and afterward, sharing of individual experiences.

  • Mediumship Readings

This experience with deceased loved ones, held at your location, will include

 messages from Spirit. Denise will be devoted the majority of the time to delivering messages from your loved ones on the Other-Side. 

*Please note - attendance at this event does not guarantee a reading. 16 is the minimum age to attend - no children please.

  • Angel Message & Past Life Readings (note: not regression).

This angelic time, held at your location, will include a guardian angel message as well as a past life reading channeled through Denise for each person present. 

If substantial travel costs are incurred by me, an appropriate travel fee may be requested.
Host/Hostess is free.


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