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Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.


It means it no longer controls our lives.

What are Energetic Healings?

These sessions can  address any issues, especially negative experiences such as:

  • trauma

  • negative feelings

  • negative thought processes

  • excess emotions

  • trouble sleeping

  • physical aches

  • clarity

  • awareness

  • focus

  • mindset and intention improvement

Distance Healings are just as effective as in-person healings.

It is healing energy that can take place across any distance that is sent to the 'receiver' (you). Think of it as electricity beginning at the power plant and traveling to a certain destination.

The distance can be small or vast because with energy and intention there are no limitations.

Once you follow the booking guidelines, you will receive a link for Zoom to connect ~ the newest, greatest way to connect "in-person."

Preparation for Your Energetic Session

  1. Have a clear intent for your session.

  2. Choose a calm and comfortable space in your home, one where you will feel safe and not be disturbed.

  3. You may lie down on your bed, on a couch, or sit comfortably on a chair for Reiki or Guided Meditation sessions. 

  4. You can wrap yourself up in a warm and soft blanket with pillows around.

  5. You may place a glass of water nearby to drink at the end of the session.

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Types of Healings

Energetic, Auric, Chakra
Healing and Reading

 This session includes clearing your spiritual anatomy which    includes:
    • auric field
    • chakras
    • life path
    •  soul's purpose and life mission

  After a session, you will be relieved of any negativity,       clutter or congestion that the soul no longer needs and is     ready to release. Denise works with the Archangels,   Ascended Masters and your Higher Self while   simultaneously channelling Divine energy.

 Harnessing the loving power of these energies leads to   amazing life-changing healings, bringing you personal   power, peace and clarity. After a session, you'll find   yourself:
    • running on higher vibrations
    • higher levels of consciousness

 Denise also reads past lives, clearing core issues that are   causing conflict in the present moment of your life.

 During a session, you will receive:
    • messages from your Guardian Angels
    • messages from your Guide Team
    • reveal your personal Animal Guides


All information you receive is positive and for your personal good.


60 minutes: $135

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Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is a natural method of deep healing on four levels:
    • heals you physically
    • heals you emotionally
    • heals you mentally
    • heals you spiritually

Reiki is a healing system that channels universal life force energy. The energy is gentle, positive, natural, balancing, and both relaxing and energizing. During a Reiki & Crystal Healing Session, Denise uses crystals, sound and aromatherapy to enhance the healing. 

15 minutes target area: $35

30 minutes: $65

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Guided Meditations

Guided meditations can help calm the mind and relax the body. 

These sessions are geared around a specific intention you might have.


Also included is an intuitive message for guidance and a custom affirmation for you to utilize daily.

Use your imagination and we will create a beautiful guided meditation for you to experience.

A few examples:

  • Self-empowerment and positive thinking

  • Anxiety, Fears

  • Future Self 

  • Meet Your Guardian Angel, Animal Spirit or  Spirit Guide

  • Chakra Cleansing

60 minutes $135

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For the safety and health of everyone, readings are currently done via phone, Zoom, or Facebook Video. Distance readings work just as well as in-person sessions. They are a great way to be in the comfort of your home while receiving and internalizing messages from the spirit realm.



A Note About My Style

I am a practical and straightforward reader, coach, energetic healer, which includes exploring possibilities, pitfalls, and where you may be heading. Readings flow with the energy of the client and the information I receive from my spiritual guides, including angels and spirit animals, so please bring a positive attitude and an open mind. Because of my history as an educator and life coach, don't be surprised if you go home with self-growth assignments and affirmations - anything to enrich your Soul's Voyage!


The Fine Print: 

Please note that I reserve the right to end any session where I feel the client is disrespectful, rude, or if the client is purposely trying to sabotage the way I give information. From decades of experience, I have put together a list of helpful hints on how to get the most out of your reading, which you can read HERE.

There are no service refunds; however, sessions may be rescheduled as long as it is rescheduled within 24 hours notice. An appointment is forfeited if it is not rescheduled within 24 hour notice time frame.

Please Note:
Bookings are not final until your payment is received.