Your soul voyage may include connecting with 

one who has already passed on to the spirit realm. 

A mediumship reading is a communication or a conversation with our loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world.


A Medium is able to connect to the deceased and can give evidence about their lives and personalities.


In a medium reading, a medium talks about your loved ones in the spirit world, relaying information and messages.


What is a Mediumship Reading?

How Can This Help Me?

When somebody dies we are often left with many questions or things we never got to say.

Mediumship readings have the greatest benefits for people who are grieving, feeling guilty, searching for answers or just miss their loved ones and want to talk to them.

These readings can bring you healing, comfort, love, answers, understanding, forgiveness, closure, peace, support and so much more. 

Read A Glimpse into Mediumship to find out more about what you

can expect from your Mediumship Reading.

Psychics perceive information and mediums receive information. Mediumship readings are not so much about spirit guides and angels like you would get in my other readings. but are about connecting you and your deceased loved ones.


The Medium raises and maintains her vibration level to a high degree to have a connection with the loved one. In turn, the loved one is lowering his or her vibration to connect to the physical realm.


When your loved one comes through, they really want to connect with you! Needless to say, it is not simple work and requires a dedicated and gifted medium.

What is the difference between a psychic and mediumship reading?

Will the loved one I choose always come through?

Many times, yes! But, as much as we desire to hear from a certain person, your requested loved one will not always come through. You may actually be surprised by who does.


This is not at the fault of the Medium but is the choice of your loved one(s) knowing what you need at that particular time.


So, you must be prepared for one of several possible outcomes:

Your chosen or another loved one comes with messages & guidance.


Another loved one comes through first as a conduit to the loved one requested. For instance, many times a grandparent will lead in the parent you are requesting. It may be that the grandparent is a spokesperson, or just popping in to say hello!


Your loved one may appear with several loved ones or friends surrounding them. Many times this is to reassure the client they are not alone, but surrounded with familiars. 

It's best to have loose expectations and be OPEN to what does choose to come in.


John H.


I can't even begin to explain this experience. I wanted to connect with my mother and wound up with my grandmother as well. I knew it was her because she described the rose ring she had given me as a teen. I loved this so much, it always makes me smile.

John H.

I was sceptical when I came to Denise for a Tarot reading due my fiance's insistence. During the reading, my father came through. I knew immediately it was him because of the eagle tattoo she described on his arm. The message was spot on and it was extremely healing. Not many can make a grown man cry! Denise is very gifted.


My purpose was to connect with my dad. Denise explains thoroughly in advance, so although I was still nervous, I was open. It was an amazing experience to receive a message I had waited many years to hear. Thank you.

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For the safety and health of everyone, readings are currently done via phone, Zoom, or Facebook Video. Distance readings work just as well as in-person sessions. They are a great way to be in the comfort of your home while receiving and internalizing messages from the spirit realm.



A Note About My Readings

I am a practical and straightforward reader, which includes exploring possibilities, pitfalls, and where you may be heading. Readings flow with the energy of the client and the information I receive from my spiritual guides, including angels and spirit animals, so please bring a positive attitude and an open mind. Because of my history as an educator and life coach, don't be surprised if you go home with self-growth assignments and affirmations - anything to enrich your Soul's Voyage!




The Fine Print: 

Please note that I reserve the right to end any reading where I feel the client is disrespectful, rude, or if the client is purposely trying to sabotage the way I give information. From decades of experience, I have put together a list of helpful hints on how to get the most out of your reading, which you can read HERE.

There are no service refunds; however, sessions may be rescheduled as long as it is rescheduled within 24 hours notice. An appointment is forfeited if it is not rescheduled within 24 hour notice time frame.

Please Note:
Bookings are not final until your payment is received.