What Exactly Are Mediums and How Does This Reading Work?

  • Mediums walk between two worlds. 

  • Mediumship is all about healing

  • Mediums raise their vibration and use their intention to connect with spirit people who lower their vibration to connect with us.

  • The innate ability to communicate with spirit varies with individuals and is a skill that can be purposefully developed. 

  • Evidential mediumship proves that our deceased loved ones are still “alive” by providing knowledge that can’t be obtained in any way other than by direct communication with them. 

  • Effective mediumship requires the cooperation of the medium, the communicator (spirit person), and the sitter (person receiving the reading). 

  • The medium quiets their conscious mind to access a higher vibration and receives information in ways which may include pictures, symbols, names, sounds, tastes, and smells.  

  • Ethical and responsible mediums won’t intentionally relay information that creates fear or distress. They’re sensitive and compassionate and work to provide comfort and healing for the highest good of all. 

  • It is impossible to promise the appearance of the deceased loved one you are requesting. Many times they do not come through and others come with messages instead.

  • At times another deceased loved one will appear first, being the conduit for the spirit you are requesting. 



If you are closed off and wishing to test the abilities of the medium, please do not waste the precious time of anyone involved, including the spirit world.

 $75 per 30 minutes

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