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What is a Past Life Regression?

This is a dynamic, highly personal process guided by the Higher Self of the individual and the therapist. Past life journeys are powerful experiences that can deepen your understanding of your life purpose and soul lessons.

In current and past lives, we create scripts and dramas that repeat over and over again. Past Life Regression may help to release phobias, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, and physical ailments that limit your growth and well-being. Memories that emerge can be seen as metaphors for unconscious beliefs and feelings that manifest in your current life. Insights from your soul guide the forgiveness and healing of these mental, emotional, and physical patterns is possible.


What is a Past Life Regression session experience like?

You will be lying comfortably on a massage table, head on a pillow, body fully clothed and covered in a blanket. I will lay specifically chosen crystals around you or in your hands that will help access past life memory and provide relaxing properties. 

We talk before the session begins so we know what life we are asking to come forward. 

I will then lead you into a guided meditative state to begin the regression. I will ask you questions throughout the meditation for descriptions of what it is you are seeing and visualizing.  This is a good time frame so as not to overwhelm you; and follow-up sessions can allow you to delve deeper. 

Past Life Regression Can Help You To:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.

  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.

  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.

  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.

  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.

  • Understand and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

Preparing for Your Past Life Regression

  • In preparing for past life work it can be helpful to have a specific issue or problem that you would like to work on during the regression, although it is not necessary to have a specific question. Setting the intent by thinking about what you want from the regression session several days ahead sends a message to the subconscious mind that you are open to the experience.

  • Please avoid caffeine as much as possible the day of your session.







What is Life Between Lives Regression?

Life Between Lives regressions is an amazing and potentially life-altering experience in which you access the superconscious state to reveal what happens in between incarnations in the spirit realm. This experience often involves a meeting with your soul group, spirit guides and council of elders. The meeting with the council of elders is a compassionate and unconditionally loving review of your most immediate past life and your current life to better understand soul lessons, life purpose, and healing of repeating karmic patterns. The meeting with your soul group assists in understanding the role that different souls play in your life, such as soul mates. The LBL journey can be a life-altering experience in assisting you to remember your true spiritual nature. 


What is a Life Between Lives Regression Like? 

An LBL begins with a long, hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to disengage and achieve an expanded state of consciousness. The actual regression begins with going back to some pleasant childhood memories. From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth. Here, we get the first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. From the womb, we go back to the most recent past life to review some of the significant events as well as how that life ended.

We want to use the past life death scene as a doorway into spirit. Once the soul enters the spirit realm, the reviews, interventions and healings will be done in a most loving way by the guides and loved ones rather than by me.

It is important to note that once the soul remembers returning to the spirit world, it enters “Now Time.” Being in now time, allows for review of the soul’s past experiences and it also allows for insight and guidance about the current life and future events. The process lasts for 3-4 hours and you may record your session.

Benefits of Life Between Lives:

  • Many people overcome their fear of death

  • Discover life purpose and Soul lessons for this life

  • Why we chose certain relationships and family members 

  • Deepens the connection with your Soul, your spiritual "helpers/guides" and teachers.   

  • Receive assistance in answering age-old questions such as:
    "Who am I?"
    "Why am I here?" and
    "Where do I come from?"

Preparing for the LBL Session

  • Write down a list of 8-10 people in your current life from your past and present. This "cast of characters" should be the people who are important to you -- family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, mentors, lovers, spouses and children. Include anyone who has helped to shape your life, positively or negatively, in a significant manner. List their first name, their relationship to you, some information about how you feel about that person, and a few brief words that describe their personality.  These are the people who have had the most impact on your life.

  • Create a brief list of questions that you would like to have answered during the Life Between Lives session and to ask your Council of Wise Elders

  • Schedule a past life regression session with me prior to doing a Life Between Lives session.







Energy Healing Immersion

Reiki, sound, such as singing bowls, rattles, chimes, and a drum, crystals on and/or around your body, chakra clearing and balancing. 

This hands on session leaves you feeling clear, balanced, and harmonized at a deep level. 

These can be performed in person or remotely.






Breath Work and Guided Meditations

When you meditate, you quiet your mind so that you can hear the wisdom of the guidance that's within you and around you.

Guided meditations are very helpful to those who find it challenging to meditate. Your job is to simply lie or sit comfortably as you are guided through a particular meditation which assists you in visualizing and receiving answers. 

On this part of a soul voyage, you will have choices in your guided meditations. Below are a few examples; however, we will also custom create to fit your needs.

Any of the communing meditations will teach you to go back and visit with your spirit guides at any time.

You will also learn breathing tools and techniques to move you into a peaceful, centered state before each meditation.

  • Stress-Release Guided Meditation

  • Chakra Cleansing/Balancing Guided Meditation

  • Connect with the other side Guided Meditation

  • Guided Meditation to commune with Spirit, high self, angels, or spirit animal.