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A Glimpse into Mediumship

It’s often assumed that all mediums are created equal—behaving a certain way and obtaining results the same way every time.

Unfortunately, Tv and Movies perpetuate the stereotype in which the main character can see ghosts all the time and tap into every realm as needed. In reality, mediums bridge the spirit world and the material world. We don’t get to choose the information we receive or by which channel we receive it. In fact, spirits aren’t always cooperative. So, with that being said, lets continue into the realm of mediumship.

Seeking the Assistance of a Medium  The reasons vary, but regardless of motive, it pays to understand what they do, what you’re getting into, and how to make the most of your reading. Mediums don’t read minds. Nor do they supply information when none is presented to them. Spirits can be fickle and not always reveal details so it’s best to be prepared. 

Remember, Mediums are a conduit. Authentic mediums give evidence so the sitter knows without a shadow of a doubt this is the spirit meant for you. Mediums do not use psychic skills for a true mediumship reading - this is a very high vibrational connection to the other side and it is held during the session. It is also important to know that the spirit actually LOWERS its vibration to communicate through the Medium; so, please respect this process and understand they really want to contact you, even if it is simply to say I love you. Vital Tips for Your Reading 

  • Different mediums specialize in different techniques. You want to be clear you are working with an evidential medium, which is a medium who can give you solid facts around the deceased so you know without a shadow of a doubt this is your Spirit.

  • Spirit connection can vary from period to period regardless of whether you use the same medium. Many times the same message is relayed, simply in different form.

  • Spirits communicate through various tools and techniques. 

  • There are times the spirit you are hoping for does not come in. They are not always ready to communicate on your timetable.

  • Many readings have brought forth another Spirit who is the conduit for the spirit you are looking for. There have also been readings where a live soul comes in to set the stage for the spirit you are looking for. This is all a mystery and we must be cautious not to put human rules on the other side.

  • Communication is often fast and does not always repeat so pay close attention. It is extremely wise to take notes - even though you think you will remember? You won't.

  • Spirits don’t always communicate clearly or in full sentences. 

  • Communication between a medium and spirit can take the form of visual impressions, symbols, one-word answers, songs, or feelings. 

  • Spirits may or may not present themselves. 

  • Keep in mind Spirits are not the same as they were here; however, they DO present themselves in a reading so the receiver knows it is them. For instance, if your Father was angry and harsh in life, he will come through so you know it is him ~ BUT, remember, that is not how he is in the afterlife.

Our main purpose is to gather information and share it with the client as clearly and concisely as possible. This exchange of information can occur in flashes of vague images, sensations, single words or, if we’re lucky, in detailed messages. It is rather challenging to put a lengthy time limit on a mediumship reading, as we are never guaranteed as to the length of the messages being brought in.

The best way to get a mediumship reading is to realize it takes time to process information before it makes any real sense. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy ~ you want to write down everything, ESPECIALLY the pieces that you feel are trivial....those are normally the key messages!

Most importantly, be open to the possibilities! 

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