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A Guide To Past Life Regression

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The age old question seems to be Who Am I? What is the meaning of my life and what is my purpose?

To find this answer, we don’t want to look outside ourselves, but deep within. Always remember, we are spirits having physical experiences, in an Earth suit we have chosen to come in with. We have lived thousands of life times, and we are a compilation of all those life times since the beginning of time.

Have you ever been to a place and feel you’ve been there before? Or met someone and feel as if you knew them? Or met someone and instantly like or disliked them? Are there some things you love and some things that make you feel fearful?

When the soul learns a lesson, it always retains it. It never goes backwards, but forever goes forward in its learning. The experience is forever embedded within the soul voyage.

By going deep within yourself, you open up to the exploration of shedding light on an emotional problem you experience in this life, or understanding why you were born into the family you are in. You may begin to understand why you have such a problem with a certain person, or why it is so challenging to break apart from a certain person.

Potentially you can see what is it you have to learn in this lifetime that perhaps you haven’t learned in lifetimes before.

With this being said, lets talk a little about past life regressions and questions that I've had from clients:

1) Is a Past Life Regression like sitting and watching a movie?

Sometimes, but usually it's more like having a dream. In dreams, we perceive in many different ways through sight, sound, touch, emotions, and inner knowing. The same goes for Past Life Regression. In your session, guidance and questions will assist you to stimulate thoughts, feelings, visions, sounds, words, and impressions within you. There is no right or wrong in this process - NONE - actually whatever you perceive is right, and normally leads the session into an area of importance All you have to do is verbalize what you're experiencing. This is a totally judgment free zone, so you are safe.

2) What if I feel like I'm just making it up?

One of my favorite sayings is "The imagination is your soul's way of talking to you."

In Past Life Regressions you are accessing your soul memories, so it comes through what feels like imagination. At first you may feel like you're making it up, but as the session progresses, you become so deeply immersed into your soul's memories, that they will become more and more vivid and real.

3) How Can I Prepare For A Past Life Regression?

You may wish to practice achieving various states of consciousness, such as guided meditations, guided imagery, visualization, and being centered and present. Another great way to "train" your mind into relaxation and being open is to plug in earphones and listen to Alpha Brain Wave music. Any practice that calms the self and stimulates the imagination makes excellent preparation for a Past Life Regression. There are a number of these available on youtube or meditation apps.

If you are interested in a particular answer or situation, then it is necessary to set a particular intention for the regression. Some examples of clients I work with are:

  • Did I know my husband in a past life?

  • What is the tie between my estranged boyfriend and myself that makes it so challenging to part ways?

  • What is my intense draw to being in the medical field about? Was I a Dr?

  • Why do I fear heights?

  • What is the connection between my daughter and myself?

These are merely examples of subjects. You do not HAVE to come in with a particular, but it is suggested ~ do not wait to see if it "just comes up."

Do your best to release all expectations. Come to your session with an open mind and an open heart; and with a sense of trust that, whatever comes up is exactly what is meant to be at this particular moment in your current life.

4) Why Do I Need a Regression To Remember?

There is a reason why past life regression memories may feel different from those of the present life. All present life memories are encoded in our brains, soul memories, however, are not necessarily stored in the brain; they come from the soul, the spirit, the essence, that immortal part of us that animates our bodies and minds. This soul information may feel less solid or tangible than present life memories, but nevertheless, it is there for us to explore, remember, and utilize.

5) What Is The Difference Between Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression?

The process is the same as Past Life Regression; however, this time you are guided into your most recent previous life before the present, where you will look at some of the important milestones and experiences of the past life. From that point you are guided to then move to the last day of that life, and pass through the death. This is the point at which the Life Between Lives part of the session begins.

Life Between Lives and How It Works

You will ascend into spirit and shift into the spiritual dimension. You will be making several stops along your voyage such as:

  • Spirit Guides, where you can discuss the past life from which you just arrived, allowing you to see how that life affected your spiritual development. Meeting and communicating with your personal spirit guide is one of the most profound experiences one can have.

  • Place of Restoration to cleanse yourself from emotional residue of the earthly lifetime,

  • Soul Group, to catch up with your nearest, dearest soulmates. After separation, when soulmates are met once again, whether in life, in death, or in this session, it is a beautiful thing.

  • Council of Elders. These wise beings are able to illuminate a soul’s entire spiritual history and continuing evolution. They also share advice on a person’s present lifetime, reminding you of your goals and missions, and assisting in steering you towards ways in which you can accomplish them.

  • Life and Body Selection, where you will learn why you chose your present lifetime and what sort of contracts or agreements you may have with other souls.

  • Spirit World Library, which are incredibly vast halls in which information is stored in the form of books, scrolls, or even on watchable video screens. These libraries are essentially synonymous with what is also called the Akashic Records.

If you allow yourself to let go of control and simply trust and act upon the information received in a regression session, positive transformational changes can occur. After the session, as with any energetic work, it is important you are gentle with yourself and engage in an activity that nourishes your soul. Ah, yes...and drink plenty of water! You may have dreams or vivid feelings for several days after the regression. I suggest you journal whatever happens that feels different.

Are you ready to pack your bags and experience a one of a kind soul voyage?

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