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When Is It Time To Get a Reading?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As an Intuitive reader, I face tough decisions when delivering truths in a reading. From personal experience I know it takes a great deal of courage to face the truth, or things we do not want to hear, especially when emotions are running high or outcomes from information brought forth is difficult to accept. 

I've experienced anything from anger to disempowering words to sorrow when I relay circumstances the sitter is not ready to hear. Sitters often become verbally abusive ~ all stemming from anger because the news was not what they want to hear.

I consider myself a forthright, yet very gentle message relayer; however, through these experiences I have created necessary energetic boundaries ~ if readers don't have them in place ..... wow, think of how disempowered we might become! People can be vicious out there, especially when they are feeling desperate, traumatized, and hurt.

So, throughout time, I have found a golden rule of thumb when it comes time in to deciding if the timing is right for you to have a reading! Here are several different ways to know if you are truly ready to receive answers you may not want to hear.

1) Denial. As professionals we are highly tuned to energetic disturbances. We can feel your tension, your frustration, and fear. Denial is a natural response to negative emotions, and we can feel that too. Before reaching out to schedule a reading you may want to ask yourself:

Can I accept messages that may contradict my desired outcome for this situation?

2) Shock. If you’re on the heels of extremely upsetting news; give yourself some time to get over the shock. According to leading trauma experts, shock can take a few days or weeks to wear off. Give your body, mind and emotions some rest. Do not seek advice while still in shock.

This holds very true for mediumship work as well ~ if you have lost a loved one and want to connect, give yourself time to move through the shock. Be sure you are ready.

3) What I Want to Hear. Resist the temptation to jump reader to reader. So many folks do this to see who gives them the answers they seek or want to hear. I've experienced being in a metaphysical store with several readers ~ clients bouncing because they don't like the information - only to have it repeated in a different way over and over again. That's alot of money dropped to hear the same message. Give the information time to resonate and settle in ~ give yourself time, period!

Ask yourself: Am I just looking for someone to tell me what I want to hear? Unexpected change often creates miraculous inner transformation, but you must be open and ready for this change.

4) Take a Break. When trauma hits, we don’t need any more upsetting news. Getting multiple readings in a short time frame will not help you, and it is important that you honor your vulnerability while giving yourself healing space. Protect yourself, and give yourself some downtime between readings.

Ask yourself: Am I ready to potentially open myself to more disappointment?

5) Intentional Questions are the Key. Resist the temptation to ask the same question over and over in different scheduled readings. Energies can change rapidly in any give situation, and each reading is around the energy you bring in with you at the moment. *Whether on phone or in-person ~ energy is energy.

When it comes to life challenges, be open to asking different questions for a wider perspective on the issue. The ultimate goal is how your situation can turn into an empowering lesson for you on your path moving forward.

7) Free Will. Realize we have been given the gift of Free Will from our Creator. While you may desire certain outcomes; other people may not desire the same thing. Each of us carry our own belief systems. The longer the situation has been in turmoil, the more complex recovery will be. Accept there is no quick fix ~ you will have to "do the work" and learn the lesson.

It’s human nature to avoid pain and discomfort. Through working with people in troubled times, I find myself creating space for the sitter that will help bring comfort, healing, and a sense of empowerment, even through pain. For this reason, I have become known to provide homework for the sitter to leave with.

Why? To continue the work at home to help promote healing and growth from any given situation.

In the meantime, be nice. Don't persecute the messenger because the information is not what you want to hear! If you do, then it is time to revisit whether you really WANT a reading or not!

In Empowerment,


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