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A Near Death Experience

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Four years ago I had a near death experience. I had been very ill for weeks, yet, true to form, I continued running my business and life as if everything were fine. How many of us choose to take this route in life, until Spirit finally steps in and takes over?

I was literally taken down with pain so intense it brought me to my knees. I was forced to go to the Dr. the following day, as I was running a high fever. I was treated for one ailment and put on antibiotics; only to be back in the Dr. office 3 days later upon discovering my appendix had ruptured. By this time I was sepsis, delusional, and pretty incoherent to what was happening around me. I was kept on intravenous fluids to hydrate and try to calm the infection before they could perform surgery.

On day 2 of fluids, it was time to take me to surgery and thankfully relieve me of the pain and incoherence that goes along with this type situation. Surgery was a success, and I sat in recovery sipping an ice cold ginger-ale chatting with the nurse, when the next thing I knew I was floating above my body observing as nurses ran to surround my bed. As I floated ~ light as a feather, I might add, I noticed beings in the distance. We began floating toward each other and I realized in that moment I was being greeted by both of my grandmothers, and an uncle I had been very close too. I was surprised to see them, yet so happy. The air around me was so very light and had almost a fluffy feel to it. They held their hands out to me and as I began to reach for them, I heard a voice distinctly whispering into my ear. I was being given a choice as to whether I wanted to stay with my loved ones or come back to my body.

I remember vaguely thinking how nice it would be to stay right where I was. The feeling was indescribably peaceful and so much love ~ love like I had never felt before. Something in that precise moment told me I needed to come back, my work here was not done. I obviously paid attention, because I stated that I needed to come back to my body. The voice spoke again into my ear once again, telling me it would be momentarily, but before I was sent back 'they' were going to re-wire me while my spirit was out of my body. What must have been seconds later, I "woke up" only to be surrounded by medical staff. I got the impression this all took place within a matter of minutes as they welcomed me back explaining my heart had slowed to the point they thought they would lose me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt what had happened.

I remember feeling the need to share my story with whomever would listen. It's amazing how disbelieving people are ~ and I found it disappointing that those I thought would truly understand were the very ones who seemed to dismiss the fact. Humans love to blame it on the those anesthesia and medicine.

At some point, I stopped telling my story, but it never left my heart and soul. I now realize, possible those closest to me feared the fact they almost lost me and I should not assume anything else.

I'm compelled to speak about this now because I honestly had no clue how much and how aggressively (in a spiritual way) my life was about to change.

When I chose to come back, chose to be re-wired, chose life on earth (and believe me, I really didn't want to leave my grandmothers loving energy) ~ I chose LIFE.

I CHOSE life in the fastest spiritual track one could imagine, one I had no clue I had actually chosen to do. My spiritual body had said, "Enough. It is TIME to get yourself in order, because we have big plans for you."

And so my life really began.

We are all learning and growing every single day. How deeply into the depths of our shadows we explore is our choice, and for many there comes a time when we know the time is right now. Sometimes it takes us well into our human lives before we accept the challenge to delve deep into the shadows ~ ones that will help move us to another dimension of growth and expansion ~ becoming who we are truly here to be and aligning with a purpose.

Many times it is through a huge wake up call when we realize we have only been dabbling in our growth process ~ and the time has come to pull up our bootstraps and be called to service.

I made a promise to myself that in light of choosing life on earth, I would continue my path of learning and growing. To embrace who I am, to embrace the fact I'm not really changing who I ever was at the core; I'm simply releasing dark shadows - wounds, trauma, fear, lack of accountability, lack of boundaries, taking others words and actions personally, judgment ~ being ruled by circumstances not living through the heart.

💕I was given a gift of clearing the slate so that my heart can shine through, and for that I am so very grateful. So, as I continue through this thing called Life on Earth ~ I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to those who share the path with me. I could not be doing it without you.

Deni B


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