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Firm Foundation ~ Centering, Grounding & Protecting Yourself

We hear the importance of giving ourselves a firm foundation each and every day but, WHY should we create a ritual for Centering, Clearing, Grounding, Protecting, Connecting? Because it is of utmost importance you are anchored and surrounded in a shield of protection from any energy around you. Not necessarily because it's "bad or negative," but for the mere fact it isn't YOUR energy.

We come into contact with other peoples energies all of the time, which could have a negative effect on us, and leave us feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, and even feeling the effects of someone else's depression or illness. You may feel their confusion or fear ~ this list could go on.

Having a ritual in place will help you move through your day with much more clarity, insight, and connection to your own high-self which is your intuition and guidance ~ connected right into Spirit.

What is Centering and Releasing and How Do I Practice It?

In my Yoga teacher training years ago, we were taught that centering is to be mindful. It is calming your emotions and slowing your mind to bring you into the present moment. You can center yourself at any moment in time. Being centered can prevent reactions, anger, fear, and other emotions you may feel caught up in.

Here are a couple tips to center yourself:

1) Each morning, sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and place your hands at your heart.

In your mind, you will count to 5 slowly as you inhale steadily through your nostrils. When you reach full breath capacity at 5, hold your breath to another slow count of 5. Now, on the same, easy count of 5, release your breath through your open mouth slowly and steadily. Repeat this until you have done a total of 3 rounds. If you need more, do 3 more.


2) Outside situations: You can take a nice, deep inhale, exhale slowly. Look around you and think in your mind "I see a wall. I see a plant. I see a painting," etc until you feel yourself coming back to center.

3) Count your footsteps as you walk. Count your breath. Anything that brings you into the moment and puts your brain at rest. If a fleeing thought rolls in, start counting from the beginning again.

What is Grounding and How Can I Practice It?

Grounding is the earthing of your energy into the energy field of the earth. Some signs of not being grounded are feeling dizzy, a 'spaced out' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts. Grounding is as important as centering, and in fact, they work hand in hand. Here are a couple tips to ground yourself:

1) Right after you center each morning ~ keep your eyes closed and visualize a small seed in your heart. Observe as roots begin to move out of the seed, into your belly, down your legs, through your feet. The roots come out the bottom of your feet and continue down, down, down into the earth's core. Feel a small tug as the roots hook themselves securely into the earth.

Now, bring your attention back to the seed and visualize a beautiful ribbon or cord moving upward, through your chest, your throat, face, forehead, and contenting up and out of the crown at the top of your head. Observe as it flows up, up, up into the heavens. Way up it goes, and now feel a small movement as it hooks into the heavens far beyond the clouds.


2) For a quick refresh during the day if you feel off-balance, you can visualize the roots coming out of your feet again and going deep into the earth - as well as hooking into the heavens. When you practice this enough you can visualize this process in seconds!

What Is Protection and How Can I Practice It?

Protection is a psychic shield that protects your auric field. Without this protection we can absorb other peoples energy. It helps to keep our energetic field healthy and clear.

Here are a couple tips to protect your energy field:

1) Visualize a ball of pure white light about 6 inches above your head. As you concentrate on this light, notice it getting brighter and bigger. Slowly bring this illuminating white light down so that it covers your head, neck and shoulders. It then moves down your body, wrapping itself around you, so that you are completely encased in a beautiful white protective light. Add a cord to the bottom which grounds the ball into the earth - and a cord on top to hook the ball into the heavens.

2) Visualize a sphere of your favorite protective crystal surrounding your bubble of white light. Maybe a Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline. Ground the sphere into the earth and up to the heavens.

3) Visualize a disco ball surrounding all your layers ~ observe as it spins, reflecting all the energy coming at you ... back out!

State aloud after your protection visualization: I AM PROTECTED, SAFE, AND SOUND.

There are other ways to add to your centering, releasing, grounding and protecting. Some people may wear a piece of jewelry, or carry a crystal or amulet. Find what feels right for you!

After you have begun this ritual, notice how you feel after 21 days of practicing faithfully~journal anything you felt, observed, noticed.

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