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Is Your Loved One Trying To Contact You?

The loss of a loved one can be a very traumatic time. As a Medium, I find the most commonly asked question is "Are they okay?"

There are several different ways those who have passed attempt to contact us from beyond the veil. The important aspect is to be open and observant. To notice the signs, symbols, and think outside the box. The spirit world does not think literally, nor are they aware of time frames like we live by here on Earth. Understand that you CAN talk to them, and although they are not watching our every move, they are always present.

I've listed a few ways that your deceased loved ones may use to let you know they are around. You may resonate with one or all, and this may assist you in becoming more aware of their efforts. The signs are right before us so many times, yet we miss them due to lack of awareness or understanding.

1: The Presence  Being able to sense a spirit is not just left up to us mediums.

When a spirit wants to make their presence known, they will. Some people will feel as though they are being watched, or as if they are not the only person in an empty room. The feeling is not that of fear, but of knowing that you are not alone.  The feeling can also be accompanied by a smell. The smell can be that of their favorite perfume, cigarette or cigar smoke, campfire smell, hairspray, or any other smell that can trigger a memory of the passed loved one. It can cause a sense of comfort, and it can trigger grief as well. If the smell is associated with a loved one, take it as a sign of love and message of peace. They are still around and want you to know it. 

2: Electrical   One of the most common yet overlooked attempts at contact is that of strange electrical happenings. Imagine you are sitting in your kitchen, grieving over your loved one with a cup of tea. You noticed the lights flickering overhead. Some think nothing of it, others realize that they are not alone. Flickering lights is an extremely common form of communication! I have personally experienced a radio that switched stations and my grandmother's favorite song began to play. Others may have a television turn on or off or change channels to their favorite show or loved ones favorite commercial or show.

None of these are just coincidences. These are the signs that a loved one is still around, and they are trying to get your attention.  3. The Contact This may seem fairly obvious, but not everyone recognizes this particular sign. Sometimes grief blinds us and clouds our judgement. And sometimes, it happens when we least expect it.

For instance, the tap on the shoulder, the gentle warmth of a hand on the back, the whisper in the ear, yet not a soul is in sight. I've relayed messages to clients where the loved one asks "Did you feel the fingers running through your hair and think you were dreaming?" The client is shocked when they realize it was not just imagination!

Spirits CAN reach out and touch you. They can also call out your name, yet when you turn to answer, no-one is there.

It is very important to remember, it is an act of love, not fear they are trying to convey. 

4. Environmental Changes You are sitting in your living room and suddenly feel a slight breeze; yet there is not a window open. The temperature of the room you are in noticeably changes, going either colder or warmer in an instant. Normally, these temperature changes are isolated to small areas in the room. The sensation of love and comfort surrounds you, yet there is no one in sight to make you feel this way.  You find yourself recognizing you are not alone. Spirits have the ability to change the environment around the people they are trying to communicate with. This is a simple way for them to make themselves known.  5. The Dream A common form of communication from the deceased is through dream visitations. The way these visitations occur vary from experience to experience. When a spirit is communicating this way, the words are very important. In them, they convey the message they want you to hear. 

Sometimes, they are just there in the dream. No message, just love. No words, but their presence can be so comforting. Know that they are with you during these visitations and bask in their presence. Sometimes, just sitting with a person who we love is the best form of therapy. The reason they choose dream state is because you are more open to receiving their presence or messages during this time.

Other Hints of a Presence Spirits have their own way of communication. Some less prevalent than the normal common exchange. A couple other tidbits to consider:

1) Shiny coins may be left for you to find, such as pennies and dimes. These are commonly found around your home, or when you are even out in public places.

2) Belongings may be moved and misplaced. Ever lose a ring and search high and low - only to find it placed in the exact spot you had left it in a few days ago? Spirits do not return to their loved ones to inflict fear or pain. They want to communicate with you as much as you want to communicate with them. Love continues onto the next life. Love never dies the way the body does.

Spirits that had a great sense of humor in life, will still be pranksters in death.

Take it as a sign that they are with you and give them the benefit of laughing along with them!

Our spirits continue to heal, grieve, mourn, love, grow, and mature. We are an ever-evolving energy that continually changes through transitional phases of our existence.  All of these signs are done with love. 

Love never dies.

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