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Defining Psychic Senses Using The Clairs ~ Part Two

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Let's continue our voyage into the Clairs.

Have you related to one or more yet?


Clairaudience or clear hearing can be hearing a ‘voice” or an inner voice.

These messages are immediate and not logical or rational. Sometimes, people struggle with this method because their ego will try to convince you that this is simply your imagination or invalid information.

Many are afraid of appearing foolish if you voice these messages aloud. I have learned that speaking freely when I get information has helped me learn to trust this process.

When I do readings or mediumship, I tend to hear song lyrics or nursery rhymes that are meant for messages. Or, I may not SEE a spirit, but they will describe a certain something to me and I hear it (in my voice).

Signs You May be Clairaudient – if you answer yes to the questions below:

When talking with friends, do you know what they are going to say - before they say it?

Do you hear songs in your head? Do they feel like guidance?

Does the sound of waves or rain bring you peace and relax you?

Do you say “I hear” in conversation?

Does the term “inner voice” resonate with you?


Clairscent or clear smelling is a less common clair.

Not to be confused with clairsentience, this is actually smelling a scent, fragrance or odor that is not in your surroundings. And this is not noticed with your human nose. These are methods of receiving intuitive information via smell awareness. Someone who trusts their intuition may connect the dots that they are sensing a fire before it has even started simply by smelling smoke that is not anywhere around them.

Many times I will receive the scent of a perfume and be able to describe it, or cigar smoke, even once I smelled bad foot odor - all of which are signs to the client who may be coming through during a mediumship session,

Signs You May be Clairscent – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Does someone’s scent remind you of a loved one?

Are you sensitive to perfume in elevators? 

Have you been overwhelmed by a smell that makes you think of your past?


Clairgustance or clear tasting. A good example of this is where someone tastes a food or drink that reminds them of a person or situation even when the item is not around, and neither are the people. This is another method of psychic information to be processed.

Signs You May be Clairgustant – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Have you said, “that left a bitter taste in my mouth” when referring to a person or event?

Can you experience the taste of food from childhood without actually eating them?

Read Part 3 on how to practice and develop your Clairs!

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