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The Four Letter Word ~ SELF

For many, self-care was taught to be selfish. Take care of everyone else before ourselves because that is giving and loving.

So, what happens when the giver is exhausted? Depleted? Resentful and angry? Do you believe that is the spirit of giving and doing?

Unless we take care of ourselves, it is not possible to take care of others in the full embodied and empowered light ~ Our light dims if we are not cared for. What exactly do I mean by this statement?

S ~ Sacrifice ~ Sacrificing for others but not at the expense of ourselves. Wow Big Statement but Powerful Words. Do you expense your energy? Your wallet? Your personal time?

Do you choose to remain in martyr mode, victim mentality by continuing to “help” others at your own expense? In reality, is this kind of help coming from your spiritual heart or egotistical body? When we are in service to others, it is to be from a place of L O V E, not resentment or anger. Or, are you enabling vs caring for?

There is a huge difference in how you carry out the deed of taking care of mankind.

E ~ Energetic Being ~ When you sacrifice at the expense of yourself you are compromising your energetic being as a whole. Physical and Auric energy depletion exhausts our beings physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is very important to consistently replenish yourselves by by centering, releasing, grounding, protecting. Being connected to spirit and listening to messages and intuitive direction.

L ~ The love word ~ Self-care is self-love. Self forgiveness and compassion is self-care and self-love. Many confuse the meaning of "taking care of ourselves," not realizing it is not all about the bubbly bath; it is about treating your own mind body and spirit as you would treat someone you love with your entire heart.

F ~ Fully Embodied ~ Mind body spirit. Taking care of business, beginning with yourself. Managing your time to ensure being able to fit me time in each and every day. Beginning your daily routine whether in bed or in shower centering, clearing, grounding, protecting yourself. Checking in with your intuition for decision making - listening to your gut with initial instincts - eating healthy, not with bandwagon diets and fads, just plain healthy veggies, fruit, protein. Drink a lot of water, walk, practice breath work and meditation, swim, yoga, whatever makes your heart sing. You will find yourself becoming more creative, which sparks passion and joy. Refrain from placing blame on everything that prevents you from taking time for yourself. It is not the fault of work, or kids, or husband, or ........ it is taking the time to practice time management, allowing yourself those precious moments that are so valuable and crucial to keep you moving forward with love vs exhaustion and irritation.

*Remember: If you don't have time, it is not a priority.

*Repeat that: If you don't have time, its not a priority.

Each time you tell yourself you don't have time to take a precious half-hour to focus on you ~ is in effect letting yourself know YOU are not important enough to YOU to take care of yourself.

Here are a few ideas for self-care I have personally found to be helpful:

1. Stop Over-Thinking ~ it's going to happen anyway. Let go of control.

2. Accept What Is, Stop Pushing ~ again - let go of control. Release it to God, Spirit, Universe, Source ~

3. Be Still ~ and listen to what your intuition is saying or showing you.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others ~ we are not meant to all be the same.

5. Create Joyful Rituals ~ do things that make you feel happy!

6. Take Actions That Scare You ~ Yes!!! If you are scared it is because you will walk through in success and accomplishment!

7. Cherish True Friends ~ tend your inner circle. There is a difference between inner and outer circles.

8. Know Your Strengths ~ and use them!

9. Don’t let people walk all over you ~ if you act like a doormat, they will treat you as one.

10. Forgive yourself and others~beginning with yourself makes it easier to forgive others.

11. Avoid people who demean you ~ pay attention to how you feel around certain people and DO something about it!

12. Allow yourself to feel NOT stuff feelings ~ speak your truth.

13. Breathe Deeply - a lot. It replenishes your entire system. Deep breath before you respond. (Not react)

14. Love your imperfections - they make you YOU ~ and people love you for it.

15. Just be you. Being what you think everyone else wants is exhausting and extremely unattractive! You are unique and beautiful in all ways.

16. Cut yourself a break ~ let go of control and being so judgmental of yourself.

Take care of yourself! We need you around to shine your unique light across the world.!

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