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The Love Shack ~ A Guide For New Relationships

Love can be a very tricky subject in readings. You have two completely different people looking for the same thing ~ or ~ something completely opposite. What are the right questions to ask a reader about love regarding your partner or person of interest?

Is there a right and wrong way to approach the subject? YES, absolutely.

Remember, most importantly, the most direct questions get the most direct answers.

As an intuitive, I am not here to pass judgement or give you my own personal opinion on your situation.

With that being said, I am also not a mind reader, and many times sitters miss valuable information by not asking pertinent questions ~ Spirit will tell you all day long what information is felt necessary for you to receive ~ many times it does not include your most "burning" question. So, nip that in the bud! Get savvy with the way you enter and approach your readings.

The information I receive from my guides, your guides, and the other side, will give you the necessary guidance to move forward in love, with or without the person of interest.

Not sure what a direct question might look like? Here are some examples below.

You might ask: Is there a connection with this person?

This is a relatively simple and straightforward question. The answer received from this question will let you know if any additional questions are even necessary. We can then take a turn in the reading to see what's coming in for you in the near future.

You might ask: How does this person view me?

This question will receive the answer of whether or not a person has romantic feelings for you or cares about you simply as a friend or acquaintance.

You might ask: What are their intentions with our connection?

The information given by guides, cards, Spirit, will show whether a positive response or a negative emotion comes forward. There may be a show confusion or insecurity ~ which would let me know that the person of interest is unsure about whether or not to proceed with a future relationship.

Or potentially, a new opportunity on the horizon may come up, which can help to give you insight on how this relationship may move forward, with a possibility of long-term connectivity.

And then of course, there is the dreaded possibility that the person is just not that serious, even if a connection is present.

Always remember: !!Just because there is a connection, does not mean it's a good one!!

You might ask: Do we have a future together?

This question about love can sometimes receive a very quick yes or no. In some cases, more clarification is necessary. If a quick answer is given, you can always build on this question if you want more information.

You might ask: Does this person have romantic feelings for me?

This question is very direct and should receive a very decisive yes or no answer. In some cases, more clarification is necessary.

You might ask: Are we in a platonic relationship?

There is a big difference between a person having close feelings for you and having romantic feelings for you. This question helps take out the guess work and gets straight to the point. Even though you may not like the answer, it's better to know before you invest a ton of emotion into this situation.

You might ask: Am I being ghosted?

Straight up yes or no ~ and, again, it is better to know before you invest time into something destined to go nowhere.

You might ask: What am I seeing in this person that I am not aware of?

Should I be worried about their insecurities or hang-ups? Does they move cautiously and slowly? Are they good communicators around feelings, or anything at all for that matter?

We all have a wish list that we look for in a love partner. When you ask this question, it helps frame out whether or not this person is worth the time and energy.

Compromise is always the name of the game when it comes to relationships, but some compromises are completely out of our comfort zone and boundaries. That is the reason this question is extremely important with any new connection.

I hope this gives you some guidance in moving through a Love based reading! Preparation is key, and remember, you may not always like the answers so prime yourself for that as well.


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