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Tips For A Richer Intuitive Reading

1) Expect nothing. Expectations are the top way to be disappointed. Sessions are different for everyone, and no two are ever alike. You'll always get what you need in a session. Be open and stop comparing other readings you received or that your friend received.

Be present in the moment of where you are and what you're receiving now. Take notes or record ~ you WILL forget what you thought was trivial, when in fact it was big information!

2) Readers deliver messages in different ways. No two readers will give you the same type of messages. No two readers will always give you the same information. Each reader is unique in their style of delivering information to you.

Life is always changing, and readers can only give you what is happening with where you are now. We read off the energy in the here and now.

3) Come with questions and ASK them. There's a reason you're contacting a reader, and we don't always know why that is. This is NOT leading us ~ either way you will get the information ~ it simply ensures the guides will give you guidance on what you specifically have on the brain.

If you don't ask, you won't always get what you came for. Spirit comes through with what is felt would be in your best interest to hear ~ and your burning question may not be in that mix!

4) No, we don't know when a person will die, your life purpose, or the lottery numbers. We don't even always know what your loved one's nickname for you was. What we do know and can give you will be so much deeper if you open your heart and listen to what is being said to you. We all have our own work to do, so understand you will not be handed outcomes on a silver platter!

5) We are not mind readers.

If I hear one more time "You tell ME, you are the one giving the reading." That is a person extremely uneducated in the spiritual world. Don't make that mistake! (I say with a smile because I know some of you reading this have already gone there)

6) Intuitive Readers don't always use tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls, or any other tools to give messages. Some read energy alone and hears what comes through. Readers see, hear, feel, sense, taste, and just overall "know."

Everyone connects in their own way. Some use cards, some see, some hear, some blend it all together. Skills don't make one reader better than the other ~ each brings a different taste to the table and we are all different.

7) Mediumship is a form of communication between physical human beings and spirits. Mediums transmit validations and messages from the other side. Mediumship is distinctly different from psychic readers. Psychics perceive, Mediums receive. We have a direct link with the deceased loved one ~ and it is our 'job' to hold the vibration high so the spirit can meet in the middle. They have to lower their vibration to send messages - so, please don't ever take this lightly - if a loved one is coming through they WANT to get a message across.

Testers and non-believers please don't waste the energy of the medium or spirit. This is a gift they are bringing to you ~ be respectful and open.

8) If we ask you questions, it does not automatically mean we are fishing for information!

The questions we ask may be for clarification to better guide your session and best help you.

9) If your reading is giving you information 'you already knew' that's great! It's confirmation you are on the right track, so take it on face value.

10) Phone sessions are the same as in-person sessions, but it is up to each reader on how they want to give messages. The phone is often better because the person receiving the reading is in their own space and feels more comfortable.

No matter which way you get your reading (phone, in-person, video etc), our messages will be the same. Readers can "tune in" anywhere in any place and at any moment. It's all done through energy anyway!!

11) If you're a skeptic, that's fine. I'M even skeptical at times - and in fact, more people need to be. It's important to not believe everything you hear. Please use your own intuition and judgment.

There is, however, a BIG difference in being skeptical and playing the "test the reader/medium" game. At times people are being disrespectful and insulting, as well. If this is the case - you have no reason to be in a reading. It is not okay to treat anyone in this manner.

12) Although sessions can be very helpful, directive, insightful, and bring closure, no session should ever be a substitute for mental, emotional, medical, physical, or psychological care when needed. Always contact your appropriate professionals.

13) Know that readers/mediums are people too, and this is just what they are doing to give back, make a living, and be of service. A good reader is never going to judge and keeps all information confidential.

14) Trust your gut. If something does not feel right, then most likely it’s not. Just because it looks pretty on the outside does not mean it’s pretty on the inside. If you don't feel it ~ end the session.

15) Lastly but not the least important...Listen to what is being said before you negate it. Too many times we want what we want so we don’t listen to what is actually being said. Know that you get what you need, not what you always want.


Just because you don't know what a message means right now doesn't mean it has no validation. It's very possible in the next month it will strike you out of the blue!

Spirit does not know time or space. When a message is being delivered, we know what we know from them. It's not for us to understand your messages--we just pass them on. You don't even have to believe in readings/mediumship, but you must be open to receive.

And find someone who feels right to you, who comes recommended, someone you feel you can connect with. If you don't know who to go to, ask for referrals, call around to different readers, and ask questions. A reputable reader will always take time to see if the two of you are a good fit and honestly, will normally know within the first 3-5 minutes of the reading. If the energy is not there, the read will be disappointing. I have literally told the client our energy is not mixing, and immediately got them in with another reader. Win-win, no ego involved! There is no space for ego in these situations!

Open your heart and allow what is coming through to you. There may be tears, but also healing, laughter, and joy. Remember, nothing and no one is what you think. Be open, breathe easy and enjoy the ride!

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