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A tarot reading can provide calm and reliable guidance through life’s ups and downs. 

A mediumship session can help you connect with a deceased loved one. These readings are sometimes combined, as many times spirits come through to share with clients. One never knows what may transpire in a beautiful and positive manner during our readings. Readings are based on the energy being presented by the client at the time of session. We all have free will to make any choices we want ~ and in the end, it is only Spirit Himself who is in charge of our outcome. 

All readings are by appointment only. .  

About My Readings 

I have 3 specific guides that channel information through during readings. 

I also use the tools of Tarot and Angel cards to assist in bringing you a sense of clarity and help guide you along your journey.

I am a practical and straightforward reader, one who offers guidance as well, which includes taking a look at possibilities, pitfalls, and where you may be heading. 

Don't be surprised if you go home with self-growth assignments and affirmations, as I love to give you the choice to continue the work after the reading itself. 

Tea Leaves are available as an ad-on to readings. Have you ever had your tea leaves read? It is not only fascinating, but informative as well! Tea and Tarot is a great combination.

My readings go with the energy of client and information coming in. 

Tea Leaves are an ad-on if you wish to combine with the cards. 

Specific Mediumship Readings are considered as an ad-on or stand-alone. 

Readings are via phone, or email if a one 'hit' question.

Reading Time Frames

15 minute (one question on email)

30 minute

45 minute

60 minute 

Full Year Ahead 90 minutes


When inquiring about reading, please state 

  • Time frame you would like

  • Type reading you would like: Cards, Mediumship, Tea or combined

  • Questions about how the readings flow

My Belief About Readings

  •  Be sure that you’re in a peaceful setting and won’t be disturbed. 

  • Show up on time. My schedule is tight and I have zero room for wiggling. If you’re late, this cuts into your time, not mine.

  •  Come with an open mind. If you are close-minded, skeptical, or full of doubt about the cards, it is much harder to tap in. Please leave that mindset at the door. 

  •   Do not play games. If you’re afraid of “telling me too much” because you don’t want to “influence the reading,” that’s like coming to the doctor and saying, “I won’t tell you any of my symptoms because I want you to guess what’s wrong with me and make a diagnosis on this – and prove how good you are.” 

  •  During your session, please do not try to ask the same question over and over. 

  •  Be realistic. If you’re expecting 100% accuracy, mind-reading, or every single detail of your life fleshed out, the cards don't work like that. A reading is like a snapshot of your life at the time you get the reading. It will show you where you’ve been, where you’re heading, possibilities, potential problems, and the likely outcome. Remember, free will and people make different decisions ~ The only person who is 100% accurate for your life is YOU.  Also: you are always in the driver’s seat and if you don’t like the outcome, you can change your future by making different decisions.

  • Ask good, thoughtful questions. Avoid “will I” or “should I” or “yes/no” questions. These are disempowering. Instead, consider using “what do I need to know about” or “how can I.” Also, instead of “should I,” a better option is: “what do I need to know if I make this decision” or “not make this decision.” This keeps the power firmly in your hands.

  •  Once your reading is complete, take the time to marinate on the information. Pay attention to what’s happening in your life in the months that follow. Look for the opportunities. Make different decisions if you don’t like what the cards show. Feel free to disregard any information that doesn’t seem helpful (keep in mind that something that doesn’t ring true might actually work out at a later date – the cards can be funny like that). Give time for things to percolate.

  • I’m not a fatalist. I don’t believe that things are cut in stone. I believe that you can always make changes.

  • The cards tell a story…but you write the ending.